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22 Jan 2013

Snow in The New Forest

I had today booked as a day off a while back so as to get some “Me” time the intention was always to get out with the camera and do some landscapes….. and talk about perfect timing!  I woke pretty early to a garden full of snow so given the fact that I have very limited time there was only one place to head to with the camera…..the New Forest  it is!  First on the agenda was an old favorite location, a fairly famous and therefore sort after oak tree which sits in plain view so I’m surprised it hasn’t been shot more often!

This image is a 6 frame panoramic stitch so the full size file has so much more detail that you just can’t appreciate here!


After I had managed to grab some images of the old friend I had a scout around and then decided to move onto a well shot location for an image which I have had in my minds eye for a long time and has, I believe never been done before (as far as I know) and with the grey and snowy conditions, it was a perfect time to bag the image and what a result….now for the post production needed to achieve my end goal so watch this space!


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