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About Me and Testimonials

Jeremy Sargent

I am Jeremy Sargent and I am delighted you are here at my very small but hopefully enjoyable corner of the internet.

Creating what I consider to be a beautiful image is always a satisfying moment for me: the sense of achievement of capturing feelings and emotions into an everlasting image is one I take great pride in.

Photography is an old passion of mine which I studied at college, I could often be found by experimenting in my father’s dark room after a day out with his old Mamiya medium format camera.  Later on, as life changed and I found I had to leave photography aside for a while to concentrate on family and work.  I read somewhere that you never forget your first passion and so it happened that I could no longer ignore my bursting enthusiasm for this great art form. I purchased a new camera and was back to my passion and the great outdoors!

Based in Southampton, I am well placed to cover your needs throughout Hampshire and West Dorset.  I specialize in land and seascape photography, the natural beauty of Hampshire and generally the South of England, which consistently invites me to capture the magic of this land and to tell its’ stories.  I also love to portray people, capturing their individuality and genuine emotions in memorable times of their life such as weddings, special family gatherings or simply fun times spent out and about.

Thank for visiting my website and if you’d like your family or home to include my take on lifes’ best side, please do not hesitate to contact me at  info@jeremysargent.co.uk

Jeremy Sargent


Dave Savage

“Jeremy has a superb eye and feel for capturing anything from the classic posed wedding shots, to a ‘moody’ and haunting landscape or the subtle snaps you never even knew he shot!
I use Jeremy Sargent Photography for my sports coaching business for one very good reason. Because he is superb at catching the emotion at the right moment.
Jeremy has just ‘got it’. What I mean by ’got it’ is he has the feel for photography that I’m not convinced can be taught. It’s just there.
It’s for these reasons, I’d recommend using this photographer and his abilities to capture the special moments that so many photographers simply can’t achieve.”


Dave Savage - January 2017


Barbara Charlton

"Our wedding was set in time by Jeremy in July 2015. I am so glad we chose him! Throughout our special moment Jeremy was there yet I could not see him. He made the ceremony so smooth; I failed to realize all those small touches like making the dress lay down at it’s best; asking my sister to stand in the shot… I saw beautiful pictures not long after and was impressed with amount of details Jeremy looked after. And those funny, excited, dazed and happy faces – so difficult to capture emotions that will exist forever in the album. Well done Jeremy!

Barbara and Noel"

Wedd - Gallery May 2016 (20)

 Barbara Charlton - September 2016

Tina Lucey – Via Facebook July 2016
Jeremy Sargent Wedding Photography

"I would like to say a massive thank you to Jeremy for attending my daughter Zoe and Son in Law Beck's wedding yesterday as our photographer. Jeremy was very attentive and professional throughout the day and went above and beyond to achieve some special shots! It was a very very hot day but Jeremy was constantly moving around the venue and guests to get more shots. Professional to the end! I would recommend Jeremy to anyone!"


Tina Lucey 17th July 2016 via Facebook

Tina Lucey – August 2016
Wedding Photography

"Jeremy attended my daughter's wedding in July 2016 as our photographer. Jeremy was at the venue long before guests and wedding party arrived capturing some very special memories of all the decorations, flowers and trimmings, the little things that's so easily forgotten without a photo to remember them by. From the minute guests started arriving he was constantly capturing moments. He was ready and waiting for the bride to arrive so as not to miss a moment. During the ceremony Jeremy professionally and discreetly captured many emotional and candid moments of both the bride & groom and guests. He paid a visit to the venue in advance to source good photo opportunities and therefore pre-planned many of the photos so as to ensure a successful outcome but was also quick to spot and act upon further photo opportunities throughout the day, some of which are my favourites. We now have many many beautifully taken, natural photos and are so pleased with the wonderful service and attention to detail we received. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone wanting a professional photographer for their wedding! Thank you Jeremy!"


Tina Lucey  - August '16

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