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A nice surprise in plain view

Evening all, I hope your all keeping nice and warm on this chilly winter’s night.

Well my day started with a pre-dawn departure from the house but unfortunately not for a sunrise shoot but the camera was in tow and luckily the tripod was in the back of the car but this morning.

 I was on my way to set up a client event for work and while driving through the forest the dawn light was just breaking and I saw what looked to be a very interesting subject sitting very close to a major road.

Needless to say I became very excited, luckily I was in position where I had to return to Southampton once the event was up and running and the timings couldn’t have been any better…..or tighter as I had a 10 – 15 minutes margin on the transit back to the office and as I got to the point where I saw the previously mentioned subject, I saw a very fine Oak Tree in full autumn colour…now here is where the problem started, the lower 3rd of the tree was sitting in shade due to a tree line on the opposite side of the road blocking any chance of direct sunrise light, luckily the sun was just breaking the top of the tree line but did I have enough time?? Well, I’ll let shut up now and let you be the judge!

New Forest Lone Tree

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