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08 Mar 2013


So, its building……..slowly, I’m now a Getty contributor! I have been lucky enough that the quality of my images has been assessed and accepted by Getty so a select few are going to be hosted in their image libraries to be sold globally!  I’m really not sure of the substance or what the financial gain will be at this time….but it’s a start!

22 Jan 2013

Snow in The New Forest

I had today booked as a day off a while back so as to get some “Me” time the intention was always to get out with the camera and do some landscapes….. and talk about perfect timing!  I woke pretty early to a garden full of snow so given the fact that I have very limited time there was only one place to head to with the camera…..the New Forest  it is!  First on the agenda was an old favorite location, a fairly famous and therefore sort after oak tree which sits in plain view so I’m surprised it hasn’t been shot more often!

This image is a 6 frame panoramic stitch so the full size file has so much more detail that you just can’t appreciate here!


After I had managed to grab some images of the old friend I had a scout around and then decided to move onto a well shot location for an image which I have had in my minds eye for a long time and has, I believe never been done before (as far as I know) and with the grey and snowy conditions, it was a perfect time to bag the image and what a result….now for the post production needed to achieve my end goal so watch this space!


If you would like to know more about how you could own a copy of this image as a print, please get in touch via the Contact Page.

04 Jun 2012

Front Cover!!

Afternoon…so today I’m very excited to announce that one of my images will be published on the front cover of Hampshire life magazine!

The image being featured was shot in June of last year and although the farmer was happy for the image to be released to the magazine, he didn’t want the location revealed due to the nature of the plant on display….I guess he also didn’t want lots of photographers tipping up and flattening the field so although I’m usually more than happy to disclose locations, this one must remain a secret I’m afraid!

Front Cover

05 Dec 2010

A nice surprise in plain view

Evening all, I hope your all keeping nice and warm on this chilly winter’s night.

Well my day started with a pre-dawn departure from the house but unfortunately not for a sunrise shoot but the camera was in tow and luckily the tripod was in the back of the car but this morning.

 I was on my way to set up a client event for work and while driving through the forest the dawn light was just breaking and I saw what looked to be a very interesting subject sitting very close to a major road.

Needless to say I became very excited, luckily I was in position where I had to return to Southampton once the event was up and running and the timings couldn’t have been any better…..or tighter as I had a 10 – 15 minutes margin on the transit back to the office and as I got to the point where I saw the previously mentioned subject, I saw a very fine Oak Tree in full autumn colour…now here is where the problem started, the lower 3rd of the tree was sitting in shade due to a tree line on the opposite side of the road blocking any chance of direct sunrise light, luckily the sun was just breaking the top of the tree line but did I have enough time?? Well, I’ll let shut up now and let you be the judge!

New Forest Lone Tree

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